Tips to Prevent Obesity

Obesity is kind of a chronic disease that not only affects adults, but also the adolescents and the kids.

  • As per current statistics, the obesity rate among kids in the U.S. has increased into double since 1980, and the threat is much for the teenagers.
  • 15% of children from 9 to 15 are regarded as
  • For the adults, the statistics of being obese is around 60%.

Due to such condition, the healthcare professionals have noticed that the threat of certain diseases, like Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and depression, related to obesity are happening mainly to the children and the teens whereas such issues are related to adults only, so far. If measures are not taken to get rid of obesity, the situation can get worse. That’s why prevention has become utmost important. With CIC medical exam assistance, it is now possible to cure obesity.

How to Prevent Obesity in Infants

Breastfeeding is very important for babies to prevent them from getting obese when they grow older. According to research, it has been proved that infants, who are breastfed, have a lesser chance (15-25%) to become obese than those who don’t breastfeed. If an infant is breastfed for six months and longer, it has 20 to 40% lesser chance to become obese once it grows older as suggested by CIC medical exam professionals.

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How to Prevent Obesity in Children and Adolescents

The main reason for obesity among young people is the unhealthy eating habit along with no physical activity. Besides this, there are other reasons, like lifestyle and genetics that play a huge role in making a child obese. There are several steps you can take to stay away from obesity, especially during childhood and teenage. Here are certain tips you can follow as instructed by CIC medical exam professionals-

  • You should work on changing the eating habits of the family and the activity levels rather than working on the weight. Once you change certain habits, your weight can automatically cut down.
  • Set example for your kids. Once parents follow a healthy lifestyle, children will automatically learn it and do the same.
  • You should encourage them to be physically active. Make sure your kid gets moderate physical activity every day for an hour so that they can shed weight faster.
  • Restrict their time with TV, laptop and mobile phone.
  • Make them eat only when they feel hungry and make them practice eating slowly and chew well.
  • Include more and more fruits and vegetables into their diet and restrict them having many sugar-coated foods, full-fat milk, etc.

Children and Adolescents

Tips to Prevent Obesity in Adults

The best thing you can do is to bring change in your lifestyle and food habit to shed those extra pounds as CIC medical exam professionals suggest. The only mantra of being fit is to get rid of obesity.

  • Include five to six servings of fruits and vegetables daily on your diet.
  • Instead of highly processed foods with sugar, flour, and saturated fat, go for whole grain foods, like brown rice and brown bread.
  • Know the portion size of your food. Never have much food at a time. Rather, eat small portions at 2 hours gap.
  • Measure your weight regularly.
  • Indulge yourself into some calorie-burning activities every day. Walk for 15 to 20 minutes or do cardio.