Tips to Prevent Obesity

Obesity is kind of a chronic disease that not only affects adults, but also the adolescents and the kids.

  • As per current statistics, the obesity rate among kids in the U.S. has increased into double since 1980, and the threat is much for the teenagers.
  • 15% of children from 9 to 15 are regarded as
  • For the adults, the statistics of being obese is around 60%.

Due to such condition, the healthcare professionals have noticed that the threat of certain diseases, like Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and depression, related to obesity are happening mainly to the children and the teens whereas such issues are related to adults only, so far. If measures are not taken to get rid of obesity, the situation can get worse. That’s why prevention has become utmost important. With CIC medical exam assistance, it is now possible to cure obesity.

How to Prevent Obesity in Infants

Breastfeeding is very important for babies to prevent them from getting obese when they grow older. According to research, it has been proved that infants, who are breastfed, have a lesser chance (15-25%) to become obese than those who don’t breastfeed. If an infant is breastfed for six months and longer, it has 20 to 40% lesser chance to become obese once it grows older as suggested by CIC medical exam professionals.

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How to Prevent Obesity in Children and Adolescents

The main reason for obesity among young people is the unhealthy eating habit along with no physical activity. Besides this, there are other reasons, like lifestyle and genetics that play a huge role in making a child obese. There are several steps you can take to stay away from obesity, especially during childhood and teenage. Here are certain tips you can follow as instructed by CIC medical exam professionals-

  • You should work on changing the eating habits of the family and the activity levels rather than working on the weight. Once you change certain habits, your weight can automatically cut down.
  • Set example for your kids. Once parents follow a healthy lifestyle, children will automatically learn it and do the same.
  • You should encourage them to be physically active. Make sure your kid gets moderate physical activity every day for an hour so that they can shed weight faster.
  • Restrict their time with TV, laptop and mobile phone.
  • Make them eat only when they feel hungry and make them practice eating slowly and chew well.
  • Include more and more fruits and vegetables into their diet and restrict them having many sugar-coated foods, full-fat milk, etc.

Children and Adolescents

Tips to Prevent Obesity in Adults

The best thing you can do is to bring change in your lifestyle and food habit to shed those extra pounds as CIC medical exam professionals suggest. The only mantra of being fit is to get rid of obesity.

  • Include five to six servings of fruits and vegetables daily on your diet.
  • Instead of highly processed foods with sugar, flour, and saturated fat, go for whole grain foods, like brown rice and brown bread.
  • Know the portion size of your food. Never have much food at a time. Rather, eat small portions at 2 hours gap.
  • Measure your weight regularly.
  • Indulge yourself into some calorie-burning activities every day. Walk for 15 to 20 minutes or do cardio.

What is Rick Simpson Oil or RSO?

Are you interested in treating cancer with the help of medical marijuana? Well, then you must have heard about a type of cannabis called Rick Simpson Oil, RSO oil for short. It can be said that Rick Simpson Oil is a concentrated version of cannabis oil that can be used for treating cancer and many other health conditions.

Many of you, who might be reading this article, might be wondering what this oil is all about. While going through various health and medical journals, you might have come across CBD oil or better known as cannabis oil. However, what this Rick Simpson Oil is all about. In case, you need to learn about it you need to go through rest of the blog.


What Is Rick Simpson Oil?

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) can be defined as a concentrated form of cannabis oil which contains CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids in them. The oil was developed by Rick Simpson and he opined that several of his health problems got cured using this oil.

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How The Oil Came Into Use?

In order to understand how the benefits of rso oil were discovered, one needs to go back few years. Basically, Rick Simpson bumped on medical cannabis just by accident. In the 1970’s, Canadian Rick Simpson met with an accident in the hospital boiler room. He basically suffered from a nervous system shock that made him collapse. Even after recovering he felt dizzy spells. Even medications were not able to cure him properly and his symptoms became worse.

After seeing a documentary, he started using medical marijuana for treating his tinnitus and dizzy spells. He also turned to cannabis in order to treat his skin cancer or lesions. He soon found that his cancer got fully cured when he started to apply concentrated cannabis oil topically. Even though medical practitioner refused to belief the miraculous power of cannabis, Simpson became a strong proponent of the curative power of medicinal marijuana.

Rick Simpson soon started cultivating medical cannabis and came up with his customized form of rso oil i.e. a concentrated form of cannabis. Unlike the medical marijuana that usually contains a high amount of cannabidiol and low amount of tetrahydrocannabinol, Rick Simpson Oil features just the opposite.

One thing which must be kept in mind is that if Cannabis Indica strain is used for Rick Simpson Oil, it can have stronger impact on physical ailments. On the other hand if Sativa strains are used for making the Rick Simpson Oil, then it can be used for treating any kind of mental illness.

How Rick Simpson Oil Helps?

As the rso oil comes with a lot of cannabinoids like CBD, THC in them, it can also help in treating cancer. The psychoactive compounds of the cannabinoids can help in inhibiting the growth of the cancer cells. Basically, the process of apoptosis blocks the pathway of energy of cancer cells. This leads to the death of cancer cells.

Rick Simpson Oil is extracted from highly concentrated cannabis plants, especially the female cannabis plant. In fact, one can make the rso oil on their own and use it for treating various kinds of ailments.

All about Using CBD for Cancer Treatment

The understanding of cancer as a disease is changing rapidly with the various number of studies being done on it. Although progress has been slow and it has taken decades to reach this point in cancer treatment, the survival rate is much better than it was a few decades ago. This has been a result of the collective efforts of cancer specialists, research scientists and medical operatives from all over the world.

During this time, a number of alternative cancer treatments have also surfaced, one of which is CBD for cancer. Before delving into a discussion of whether treating cancer with CBD is possible, it is important to understand what CBD is and how it is expected to work as treatment.

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What is CBD?

CBD is the short for cannabidiol which is one among the 113 cannabinoids that have been found in cannabis. CBD accounts for a total of 40% of extract from the plant. Unlike THC, which is also present in cannabis, CBD has not been found to be intoxicating. But is does have positive effects on anxiety and psychotic behavior. These are two among several other symptoms of physical and mental disorders that cannabis is said to cure.

However, when it comes to treating cancer, things get a little more complicated as cancer doesn’t have a sure-shot cure yet. The disease manifests itself in different ways in different people and the treatments too differ from one case to another. Throwing cannabis treatment in this mix has met with opposition from various organizations around the world.

Despite this, there are several backers of CBD for cancer treatment and it is currently being studied at several research labs. Till now, cannabis has successfully shrunk tumors and prevented growth of cancer cells in lab experiments. However, since none of the studies have been done on human subjects, the findings cannot be said to have conclusive proof.

Ways in Which CBD can Possibly Cure Cancer

  • CBD might be anti-metastatic. A cancer is said to have metastasized when cancer cells break off from the tumor and start residing in some other part of the body. These cancers are extremely tough to treat.
  • Programmed cell death is a mechanism by which human bodies prevent mutated cells to grow or divide. This mechanism stops in a body that has cancer. It has been found that programmed cell death can be triggered with the use of CBD for cancer.
  • Cannabis compounds CBD and THC might also be capable of curing cancer by halting or preventing proliferation and thus stopping the growth of tumors. Cannabis was found to have this effect on tumors in rodents in lab experiments.

Although the above given information is good enough to fill you up with hope, it is important to remember that cancer is not a simple disease. CBD for cancer might become a reality in the future and its controlled medical use might benefit a large number of patients. However, till more proof is found about its capability of being used as treatment, the conventional therapies are all that patients have to turn to.